01. The runners had to [contend] with a strong headwind in the final of the 10,000 meters.
02. If Canada goes ahead with plans to loosen its drug laws, it will have to [contend] with a very unhappy American government.
03. The government [contends] that the men who were arrested at the airport are involved with a terrorist organization.
04. Jodie Foster was a originally a [contender] for the role of Princess Leia in "Star Wars," but lost out to Carrie Fisher.
05. It is my [contention] that use of the death penalty merely serves to legitimize violence as a means of dealing with a problem.
06. Funding for health care is a constant source of [contention] in Canadian politics.
07. Students in university have to [contend] with a lot of stress and demands on their time.
08. If they lose tomorrow's game, the Brazilians will be out of [contention] for a medal.
09. The party's views on immigration are certainly [contentious], and are even considered racist by some.
10. The current party leader is very [contentious], and as such, has simply been unable to unite the various factions within the party.
11. He can no longer be considered a serious [contender] for the title because at 40, he is well past his prime.
12. There has been a lot of [contention] over who should go to the next conference; someone with lots of experience who has gone to several of them, or someone who's never had the chance to go to one.
13. It is our [contention] that raising taxes will simply discourage new businesses from opening up here.
14. We had to [contend] with my mother-in-law living with us and telling us what to do for almost a month after our baby was born.
15. The skiers will have to [contend] with freezing cold temperatures and icy slopes during tomorrow's World Cup final.
16. Same-sex marriage is a highly [contentious] issue in our society these days.
17. A Kurdish proverb notes that it is more difficult to [contend] with oneself than with the world.
18. Emma Goldman once observed that the [contention] that a standing army and navy is the best security of peace is about as logical as the claim that the most peaceful citizen is he who goes about heavily armed.
19. Baltasar Gracia once advised, "Never [contend] with a man who has nothing to lose."
20. Joyce Appleby once claimed that [contention] is inseparable from creating knowledge.
21. Since he was obviously in a [contentious] mood, I decided to leave early, and avoid an argument.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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